What Is a PM in Business?

When we think of a PM in business, we usually think of a person who handles the IT side of a business. However, the concept of a PM in business can include a cross-entity function and even leadership in business development.

PM as a cross-entity function

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Business PM vs IT PM

A business PM and an IT PM may look like two sides of the same coin, but they can actually work as partners to maximize the benefits and mitigate the risks of a project. While the business PM may have a better grasp of the technical aspects of the project, the IT PM may be the one with the best communication skills.

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The IT PM has the job of coordinating the IT suppliers and the test team, and managing the project’s stakeholders. They are also the ones to see to it that the project makes it out of the door on time.

An IT project manager has an interesting and complicated role. For example, they may have to translate business needs and requirements into software specifications. Similarly, they can be the ones to make the call on an infrastructure deployment. In modern times, software is an integral part of business functions. It is important for IT departments to have the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Organizational Project management Maturity Model (OPM)

Organizational Project Management is a framework that helps to define the processes, standards, and practices for an organization’s work. It can also provide an effective mechanism for measuring the success of a project.

A maturity model is used to assess the organizational project management maturity of an organization. In the OPM model, organizations progress from a minimum to maximum level of maturity. This enables them to establish goals for the future and understand areas where they can improve.

The Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM) was created by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in 2003. PMI’s OPM Model compares best practices with standards and provides an assessment tool to help organizations gauge their organizational project management maturity.

Managing a cross country PMO with a top level portfolio

There are two main tasks of managing a cross country PMO with a top level portfolio in business: governance and reporting. In order to carry out these tasks, the function must have an appropriate Executive Sponsor, as well as the right cost benefit analysis.

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One example is Orange Polska S.A., which has been recognized as the fastest growing PMO in Poland. Another is the ING Bank Slaski S.A., which was awarded a company for its innovative approach to Project Portfolio Management.

Witold Hendrysiak, an expert in strategic management and the former President of the Polish PMI, emphasized that PMOs must adapt to changing demands and requirements. His presentation included a case of the PMO in the process of transformation.

PM leadership in business development

A good PM might just be the most important person to consult when it comes to the big picture. Having the best of the rest is no small feat. They are the ones with the most power. So what makes a good PM and what steps should be taken to make the most of this golden opportunity? One solution is to enlist the aid of a seasoned veteran of the trade, as a consultant to the task. The result is an enterprise that is a cut above the rest. With a little assistance, you’ll be well on your way to making your mark in your industry.