What Does OBE Mean in Business?

OBE is a term that is used in the military, but what does it mean in business? If you have heard the word before, then you probably know it’s a term that refers to “operational readiness.” Basically, this means that you’re prepared for an emergency situation. However, it also means that you have the skills and knowledge to prepare and respond in a timely manner. Having an understanding of what OBE means in business will help you make the right decisions and stay on the right track.

MMDA’s Balik Eskwela Program aimed at increasing awareness on smoke-free campuses

In a recent survey, most colleges rated their knowledge and support for a 100% smoke-free policy as moderate to high. However, those colleges that felt that it was acceptable to use tobacco on campus received low ratings.

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Colleges that took part in the College Initiative Program benefited from the program’s technical assistance, including webinars, institution-specific counseling, and grant awards. Approximately 80 percent of the colleges involved fully adopted a tobacco-free campus policy. This includes a comprehensive plan on five core elements:

The policy should include tobacco cessation programs. Campus signage can also be used to communicate that all campus facilities are tobacco-free.

All college stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, and community members, are asked to participate in the whole process of implementing the policy. This includes all steps of the process, from creating a comprehensive plan to enforcement.

Aside from the tobacco-free policy, colleges should also implement cessation services and create community partnerships. These are critical interventions that help promote and protect the health of students.

During the college initiative program, a total of 135 institutions participated. Of these, 77 colleges fully adopted a smoke-free campus policy. Those that had not adopted a policy prior to the program reportedly found challenges in enforcing the policy.

TLA in the military

A Temporary Lodging Allowance or TLA for short is a military entitlement which offsets the cost of temporary lodging and meal expenses during a service member’s travel from a CONUS station to a OCONUS duty station. The same is true for a return visit to the states.

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It is worth noting that a Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) is not the same as a TLA. While the former has no set limits, the latter is limited to five days at any given time. To put things in perspective, a PCS from CONUS to OCONUS is a big move, one that requires the use of a TLE in the states to be eligible for a TLA at an OCONUS station.

There are a number of reasons for extending a TLA, but the most common are transportation delays, hospitalization, or non-arrival of household goods. Using a Government Travel Charge Card to reimburse international transaction fees is another way to save a few bucks. Some countries have special restrictions imposed on travelers, but if you do your homework you can find a plethora of options that offer competitive rates.

The TLA has a number of other uses, including housing search, a medical emergency, or an impromptu road trip. This is where the Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation (FMR), volume 7A, chapter 68 comes in.