We’re Not Your Average
Business Strategists

At Performance pH, we are progressive strategic advisors who create measurable business transformation strategies that enable our customers to balance operational and cultural needs
in order to achieve optimal business performance. We developed Performance pH because, in our experience, most organizations are not performing at their highest levels.

Why not? Because their Big ThreeOrganizational Foundation, Engagement,
and Vitality—are not optimized!

So what does Performance pH do?

We assess our clients’ Big Three through a validated assessment instrument, management interviews, and focus groups.

We help our clients take action on one or more of 10 levers, depending on the results
of the assessment. The levers are as follows:

Optimal Business Performance

By pulling the 10 levers, we help our clients evolve their cultures so high performance is the norm that’s embraced by people at all levels of the organization.

Through this process, Performance pH helps our clients rebalance corporate metrics to place equal importance on both people and operational metrics, generating optimized performance.

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