Key Factors in Assessing Corporate Culture

Corporate culture has always been important in business performance, but it has rapidly transformed from a secondary consideration to a foundational concern. One thing is for sure – whether you know it or not, every company has a culture. The question is whether or not it is built intentionally to optimize business performance. Companies that place client interests, ethical decisions, and concern for their workers at the core of their … READ MORE »

Performance Culture Secrets: A+ Cultures Require A+ Employees

When you are running a business, having A- employees is good but not really good enough. To reach the optimal level of performance in your company, you need to find and nurture A+ employees, those people who are driven to excel and constantly strive to improve. In order to retain these extraordinary workers, you will need to surround them with other A+ people. If you do not, they will search … READ MORE »

Performance Culture Secrets: 5 Interview Questions You Need to Start Asking

Getting the right people to work in your organization starts with the recruitment and selection process. After reviewing resumes and perhaps looking at the network connections of candidates, managers have the hefty responsibility of the one-on-one interview. This process is designed to get not only a feel for the candidate’s fit with the organization, but also insight into judgment and reasoning. Among successful companies’ secrets of high performance culture is … READ MORE »

Why CSR Matters: The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become one of the most important considerations for the modern business. A 2015 study found organizations that committed themselves to adopting CSR experienced substantial performance and profitability compared to organizations that didn’t. The study also revealed that CSR-engaged companies had higher engagement and retention levels across their workforces and offered better service to their customers. A CSR strategy, also referred to as a sustainability strategy, should be … READ MORE »

4 Questions Top Leaders Ask When Analyzing their Company Values Statement

Every business needs a company values statement. This vital document identifies the organization’s core values, helping everyone keep their focus on the correct priorities at all times. Without a company values statement, it is easy for people at all levels of the organization to lose sight of the overall goals of the company, which can lead to inefficient operations, poor customer satisfaction, and a decline in business growth.

Employee Performance Metrics: 5 Crucial Metrics for Measuring Employee Performance

Measuring employee performance and continually improving it, is of significant importance to any organization. Performance management helps align the daily work of employees with the strategic goals of the business and supports compensation and promotion decisions, helps identify areas where skill development is needed, and helps monitor productivity and quality of work. As such, effective performance management also contributes to the overall job satisfaction of workers and ultimately to retention. Key to functional performance management … READ MORE »

6 Easy Team Building Activities

Working together can be strenuous, and can be exacerbated by not knowing who your peers are as people. Team building exercises are an easy, fun way to boost morale and bond with your co-workers. They create a better sense of community and set the stage for everyone to achieve common goals. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant in NYC or launching a tech startup in San Francisco, everyone can use these … READ MORE »

How to Build a Successful Company Culture

In many ways, the company culture you choose to create is just as important as your business plan. The best company culture can encourage all employees to drive toward success with determination, while the worst cultures can actively turn your most talented workers away. Whether you’re renovating an existing culture that’s missed the mark or seeking to build a successful company culture from scratch, here are five ways to make sure it’s a successful one.

5 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility isn’t just a convenient public relations tool, it’s a vital component for succeeding in the modern business world. From an observers’ standpoint, your company’s ability to practice social responsibility can be the difference between a potential client choosing you or choosing your competitor, and today’s consumers are highly tuned in to whether or not a business is a responsible co-citizen in the world. Additionally, effective corporate social responsibility can improve your operations, boost the … READ MORE »

5 Secrets to Crafting The Perfect Company Values Statement

A company values statement is a document that spells out a business’s priorities and core beliefs. Without a values statement, many organizations lose direction as they toil with day-to-day operations. Crafting the perfect company values statement can be tricky; it’s easy to use vague language that doesn’t mean much. Here are five tips to help you craft a company values statement that can be your company’s North Star.

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